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Williams also shared his classes with famous celebrities, such as The Princess Bride’s Mandy Patinkin, Superman Christopher Reeve, and Children of a Lesser God’s William Hurt. We all know that college isn’t cheap, and living on campus and affording your daily coffee (or all four of them) comes at a cost.To pay his way through college, Robin Williams would use his impressive physical theater skills on the streets of New York to try and impress his audience and earn a bit of extra cash.He began to experiment with illegal substances, many of which he said made him feel incredibly happy and creative.Soon enough he had helped towards the comedy renaissance in San Francisco. After performing at the famous Comedy Club, Williams was scouted by George Schlatter who asked him to appear on his reboot of Laugh-In.Williams would spend his free time performing as a mime and street artist with the Metropolitan Museum of Art behind him. Williams began to thrive under the instruction of the Juilliard teachers – but many of them were utterly perplexed by him.They just couldn’t understand the man who walked around with tie-dye T-shirts and baggy trousers.However, the College of Marin soon realized that they had a star in their midst after Robin Williams auditioned for the role of Fagin in the popular musical Oliver!

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