Working please wait updating ai


Problem started after Windows\u0027 automatic updates. Help Looks like it's back to factory condition again for you.The upside to this is that you haven't had much time to start installing a bunch of programs and everything else before this started.In all should only take 2-3 mins for the n Vidia Streamer service to start by itself giving you access to the n Vidia Shield and Shadow Play still, my method is much a much better solution than just putting up with it and trying to bootup with the please wait screen and the n Vidia Streamer service at the same time (which is what I think it's doing, making it glitch/load slow or whatever), or going without the n Vidia Streamer Service (n Vidia Shield and Shandowplay) just so you can have a fast boot up which is what some people do ****** that I'm glad I found this fix and will explain what I found that worked for me and hopefully it will resolve your issue too with the "Please Wait..." message after starting the computer and taking like 5-10 minutes longer than what it should to load or what evs.After doing a bit of research a recent update that you may have done for nvidia graphics drivers etc, (whether via nvidia or windows update download) may have updated your NVIDIA Streamer Service Startup type setting to Automatically instead of Automatic.(cause for me this n Vidia Streamer Service is definately what was causing the massive Please Wait... After changing 1 simple setting I was amazed, first fix I found myself through research that I haven't seen on the web yet, well not for n Vidia users anyway atleast).That’s right you don't have to put up with that please wait.. YOU CAN in fact have the Please Wait message reduce back to its normal loading time whilst still having the n Vidia streamer Service active, using my method the n Vidia Streamer service will have a delayed start which means it will load automatically right after all of your other normal and custom services have loaded, if not right after, not too long after.i can see my account's picture for about 1 second but when its time to run into my login box ,the whole thing starts over right from the beginning and i never have chance to see the box to enter my password!! Actually I have tried safemode with all 3 available options i mean with networking, minimal and with command prompt!

After that, click on Apply, then restart your computer and hopefully should boot up like normal (much quicker) and NVIDIA Streamer Service should also now start shortly after all other services have been loaded because we changed the startup type to delayed easy as pie hope it works for you. The only way to get it to shut down is to hold the physical power button down till it shuts down.

especially when you have to go back to the factory condition. Still say that sounds like a HDD that's on its way out.

A sudden and dramatic decrease in disk intensive process performance is quite often a giveaway symptom and installing updates involves writing new versions of files to the disk, so definitely qualifies as disk intensive.

I'm sure this is what you did, but for others who may happen by in the future, after a factory restore the first thing you should do is install all the latest security updates from Windows Update; keeping in mind it may take 2-3 (or more) passes before you get them all.

After that's done, you can start dumping all the useless garbage Acer loads onto those systems to try and make a buck, then work on installing your own set of programs.

I let Windows do all their took 2 1/2 days!

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