Your dating headline ideas

This funny app will take any made-up statistic and insert it into a fake news story or research headline.Users can back up crazy claims, like 65% of women let their boyfriends date other women, with an official looking statistic. Users of your app would select or input some basic information and request gift ideas.It will even suggest the top one to keep so the user can delete the rest.This app will send the user an official looking text or email that they must report for jury duty.When a person takes 20 pictures of every cute puppy they see, their phone can fill up fast.Your app will scan all photos and find groups of repeated, nearly identical pictures.Use Party Face to take a quick photo or a group selfie of people you meet, then jot down their names directly on the photo.

A person can use your app to send and play the perfect song to a recipient.This crazy app will tell your user what underwear to wear!The user takes pictures of all their underwear and socks.If you just want to try out our samples we have a few free Sample App Templates as well.Have an app idea but need someone to turn it into a reality?It could also give a list of pros and cons, including airport delays, traffic congestion, airfares, and dangerous weather warnings. Type the name of a composer, conductor, or piece of music into this app and instantly get a list of interesting facts.

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